Committees and Partner Organisations

The R&D Management Conference 2014 will be designed as an interdisciplinary platform to exchange most advanced insights in the field of R&D Management, especially aiming at the connection of high value solutions with future markets. We are looking forward to welcome all of you, scientists and practicioners, in Stuttgart in June 2014.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Bauer
Fraunhofer IAO and IAT University of Stuttgart,
Chair of the Organising Committee

Programme Committee


Prof. Wilhelm Bauer Fraunhofer IAO Germany
Prof. Christian Berggren Linköping University Sweden
Prof. Hans-Georg Binz University of Stuttgart Germany
Prof. Ellen Enkel Zeppelin University Germany
Prof. Caroline Gauthier Grenoble Ecole de Management France
Prof. Jeremy Howells University of Southampton England
Prof. Jonathan Linton Telfer School of Management Canada
Prof. Andrea Piccaluga Scuola Superiore Sant' Anna Italy

Organising Committee


Prof.  Wilhelm Bauer Fraunhofer IAO Chair
Dr.  Sven Schimpf Fraunhofer IAO Project manager
  Tanja Vartanian Fraunhofer IAO Event manager
Dr.  Frank Wagner Fraunhofer IAO Co-Chair
Prof.  Joachim Warschat Fraunhofer IAO Co-Chair
  Jonathan Aylen  Manchester Business School Chair of The R&D Mgt. Conf. 2013
  Jeff Butler Manchester Business School Organiser of The R&D Mgt. Conf.
Prof.  Ellen Enkel Zeppelin University Special Session Chair
  Stefan Rief Fraunhofer IAO Special Session Chair
  Mehmet Kürümlüoglu Fraunhofer IAO Special Session Chair
  Walter Ganz Fraunhofer IAO Special Session Chair
  Liza Wohlfart Fraunhofer IAO Special Session Chair
Dr.  Claus Lang-Koetz Eisenmann AG Special Session Chair
Prof. Michael Durst FOM University of Appl. Science Special Session Chair
Prof. Gordon Müller-Seitz University of Duisburg-Essen Special Session Chair

Partner Organisations





Sponsor of the Best Paper Award


Partner Companies