Workshops, June 4th

Meet the Editors - Tips and Tricks to publish in the R&D Management Journal and others

Prof. Ellen Enkel, Chair for Innovation Management at Zeppelin University (DE), Editor of the R&D Management Journal
In the meet the editor session the editors of international and well-known journals as the R&D Management Journal will shortly describe the scope and aim of their journal and answer your questions regarding how to get published in their journals. After the session you will have time to talk to each of the editors in order to discuss detailed questions related to your publications.


Integrating Design Thinking into a Technology Push Innovation Process

Mark Zeh, self-employed Design and Innovation Consultant and Lecturer, Mark Zeh Innovation, Munich Business School (DE)

Companies whose histories of success are attributable to technological invention and innovation, often face major challenges in adopting Design Thinking into their cultures. Transitioning from cultures and processes designed to deliver outright performance increases, to those designed to deliver great products, whose success factors may include such hard-to-define attributes as user experience and desirability, often creates unwanted cultural turbulence.  This workshop covers some of the basics of Design Thinking, identifies what some of the hurdles to adoption may be, and provides a platform to discuss some approaches to integrating it into technology-push innovation cultures and processes.

The workshop will consist of a short presentation and group work on a case study.

For some background information, please also check also one of Mark Zeh's previous projects: LUND BIKE WORKSHOP


Open Design and Knowledge Sharing as Innovation Strategy

Prof. Patricia Wolf, Creative Living Lab at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (CH)

Prof. Peter Troxler, Research Professor "Revolution in Manufacturing" at Hogeschool Rotterdam (NL)

Nokia and Intel started experimenting with Open Source Hardware. General Electrics and BMW partner with Techshop to embrace the Maker Movement. MIT and the Gatsby Foundation tap into the power of citizen (neuro)science with EyeWire as does the University of California, Berkeley, with the Stardust@home project in astronomy.

How can industry effectively employ open source and citizen science in their innovation strategies?

The workshop presents this latest trend in R&D innovation management and discusses the reasons and approaches for companies to break out of the constraints of intellectual property protection regimes and to reap the potentials of open knowledge sharing for faster innovation that pays off for the bottom line and in terms of social responsibility.


The Future of Technology Roadmapping

  Dr. Rob Phaal, Centre for Technology Management, University of Cambridge

Steve Rogers, Sopheon (UK)

Roadmapping is widely used to support strategy and innovation at firm and sector levels. The approach is demanding in terms of both knowledge and information processing and management. Cross-disciplinary workshops are typically used to exchange knowledge and to build consensus about the way forward, and software systems used to capture, analyse and represent the associated information and data. Integrating the human and ICT systems and processes of roadmapping can be challenging, but is essential for an effective and efficient process, particularly for large enterprises, global supply chains and collaborations. Exciting developments in software and hardware will revolutionise the way in which such processes can operate - for example, touch screens, mobile devices and apps, cloud computing and big data services. Such systems must meet the needs of future business, with visual methods having the potential to enable strategic and operational alignment. This workshop will explore the future of roadmapping - opportunities and challenges.